Fiat Money

Dangers of Fiat Money

If you look at history, so many times you will hear, “But this is different…”  Then you realize, of course many details are different, but on the other hand, one can see many similarities in the general thrust of the times. If you feel comfortable with your present level of wealth, it probably doesn’t disturb you too much that many people are wealthier than you are. But if you are struggling to have enough money to both pay the rent and to buy food, you may have different feelings toward the wealthy. If you’re comfortable, you should read Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, about life in France at the time of the French Revolution.

As a follow-on to that, you should read the following, Fiat Money: Inflation in France: How it Came, What it Brought, and How it Ended by Andrew Dickson White. The complete Project Gutenberg e-book is reproduced (It’s a fairly quick read); click here.

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